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tv   British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Delivers Remarks on U.S. Travel Ban  CSPAN  January 30, 2017 10:51pm-12:24am EST

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>> >> the floor and commonwealth affairs by a bush ally to make a statement on the implications of this country other recent changes of the immigration policy. it may be helpful if i described for the house the consequences of british citizens and nationals of the executive order issued last friday. let me begin by saying this is not our policy or a
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measure that this government would consider. those measures that discriminate on nationality are wrong. president trump issued the executive order banning intrigue over a period of 90 days. syria, iraq, iran, somalia syria, iraq, iran, somalia, yemen, libya, and saddam. it -- sudan. it makes clear that anybody who has anybody will be denied entry. the immigration policy of the united states is a matter of the government and the united states but on the face of it in has consequences for some british citizens. i spoke yesterday to the u.s. administration into the
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home secretary kelly the secretary of homeland's security. i am able to provide the following clarification. the general principle is that all british passport holders are welcome to travel to the u.s. phone negative to the united states we have received assurances from the u.s. embassy the second importer will make a difference to any british passport holder respective of their country above or whether they hold another passport. in any case the executive order is a temporary measure of 90 days for security precautions. of course, this is highly controversial policy that
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has caused unease and i repeat this is an approach that this government would not take. but let me conclude by reminding that house of this country's alliance with the united states of the defense and intelligence which i am sure they appreciate and understand. >> here here. >> we work together more closely than any other two countries in the world. the upright minister is highly successful underlying the strength of the alliance where we have differences with united states we will not quayle from expressing
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them. order. order. let me just say to the house it is obvious there is a huge interest in this matter that colleagues can rely to accommodate. i am understand the strength of feeling to answer questions must be heard. >> where we have differences we will express them as i have done today. if they were listening as the prime minister said yesterday in her excellent speech before last week but also we repeat our resolve to work alongside the trump administration within the mutual interest.
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>> let me start by saying i am sure the whole house will join me at last with a canal exxon the canadian mosque meaning six dead and eight injured victims of hate and all we should stand up for heat in whatever form it appears. i have to say and that there were few pages missing of his statement seoul if you will allow me to ask questions on details. first as the secretary of state knows there are thousands here who live here on a permanent basis also nationals of the seven listed countries with dual citizenship many are here with the indefinite leave to remain with of fleeing their persecutions basically said today if they are traveling
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to the united states like an arabia national on friday of was trying to fly home from coast to recut to change planes in new york defense somali national is currently in the u.k. visiting their family can he confirm to they can now return under these rules? and now returning to the timing of this announcement at 945 uk time it took until midnight on saturday a full 27 hours later to say they would consider the impact of the u.k. nationals. and then it was sunday morning and then it took midday on sunday to call the of a travel ban divisive and wrong. thirty-eight hours
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mr. speaker to have the courage to say what everyone else said on friday night. finally, 46 hours later we got clarification the decayed nationals and dual nationals would dog be affected. with this was the wheels of washington slow to turn delicate canada they were a media leon touch with the american counterparts and then they had secured the travel rights of canadian national's 17 hours before we had secured hours. canada is supposed to be five hours behind the u.k. so why are they ahead of us? and finally on time being, the order but signed barely an hour after the prime minister had left the white house. can you tell us about discussions of terrorism security was it mentioned?
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that the president would have such low respect he would not think of telling her? or that he did and she thought it did not sound wrong. if the latter than we really do have a problem because when it comes to human rights, women's rights rights, torture, freedom of minorities and when that happens we need a prime minister who is prepared to tell him to stop not one who will silently help them along. >> mr. speaker speaking of that particular case of the doctor by a appreciate there will be all sorts of cases
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that are in particular heartbreaking as a result of this measure. . . having a relationship that enables us to get the point
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across and to get the vital protections that they need. the approach taken is to demonize the administration. >> does the foreign secretary welcomed the joint statement by john mccain and lindsey graham expressing the fear that this executive order will be a self-inflicted wound in the fight? >> i think the intervention shows this is a debate on capitol hill as it is in this
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house and is something we do not support or agree with and theret there are others here that don't agree either. it is inhumane, racist and immortal. i like the fact that the speaker isn't taking it [inaudible] but with the seriousness that it deserves a.
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we can learn some lessons by so many [inaudible] the president was issued as a concern but at the national security experts this will have national security implications for the uk given that they've not adopted between the west and islam. if we want to be a global leader we need to show global leadership.
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as the honorabl honorable lady n it comes to taxing, you are absolutely right on the strikes and we continue to be the second biggest to the humanitarian crisis in that region. everybody in this house should be proud of the leadership that uk is showing in that respect. i've already made my views on this. it is up to the member members e house of commons that we wish to show him in this policy. i said that it was wrong on the policies that stigmatize people on the basis. i believe that very profound way. what we have done in the last
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few days is to intercede on behalf of the uk nationals, which is our job and we have secured very important protections for them. we know that he will do and say unpredictable things and abandoned those positions. he will learn as he goes along and what we have to remember is that our security and that of europe depends on the atlantic alliance so does my honorable friend agree that there must be no question of our refusal to welcome him to the shores in the hopes of setting him o on theire right path as soon as possible to benefit?
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he succeeded the other day and president trump to guarantee. the president is very much in the right place. the incoming president of our closest and most important ally should be afforded the honor of a state visit supported by the government and the invitation has been extended quite properly. >> that is super.
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>> our closest allies chose to target muslims and all he can say is that while it wouldn't be our policy, that is not good enough. >> it is up to all sides of the house to use expressions of outrage about the executive order. i have made my views, and i share and i've made my views absolutely clear on the grounds
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of their nationality. the opposite would be to disengage from conversations. given the newfound closeness in this administration. what happens to the administration after the 90 days -- le was my right honorable frd
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agree those that ride on the back of a tiger in depth insight it and i'm sure the work of the right honorable gentleman will be heard in an. we will continue to engage with the administration's [inaudible] india that the child died with her mother.
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in the u.s. arrangement would you agree with me that would be quite simply inhuman and outrageous. particular arrangements will be put into place to make sure that person was able. >> to accommodate the interest in the subject can i tactfully point out that the members that came into the chamber after the statement had begun should not
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be standing. i am sure they wouldn't be so reasonable. to develop from several of the countries and furthermore we should also remember the victims of 9/11 in new york, paris, brussels -- cynically understand both at home and abroad.
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now hand in hand [inaudible] this man is not fit to walk in the footsteps of nelson mandela. >> i hear the comparisons to work with our american friends and partners and to get the best
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deal can we rely on the american democracy to do the right thing. >> [inaudible] already pointed out as it is described on capitol hill where the american political system will be in our job to intervene now and to get the best we can for the uk nationals. >> in november of 1938 the government prepared to fulfill the transported jewish refugee
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that secretary of state does he realize that in making his statement he should uphold the geneva convention and speak truth to power in the united states? most fair-minded people would say that we have been very clear and we disapprove of the grounds of nationality and for the best outcome for the nationals but we have also made it clear as i'm sure he would approve of as it is felt by individuals around the world. >> i congratulate by secretary in condemning the policy that is unjustified.
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i also like many of us and delighted that he will apparently be able to go home and see his wife and children. what the secretary agree when he described the policy as being based on nothing more than prejudice and ignorance? >> for my honorable friend on any matter whatsoever of course it is as they are able to go back to the united states where he trains and is able to win that many medals that he does. >> the policy is counterproductive. his attitude has been to invite the perpetrator to visit.
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this doesn't seem like the house deserves. what will he do to make it absolutely clear in no uncertain terms in this administration but this kind of discrimination is counterproductive? >> on the work that he did to ensure they have safe travel could i further asked him whether he has had clarification from the administration because
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of some confusion but they are still turning away. it's not to the affected but i can confirm that it has been updated as we are speaking. >> most are by instinct the speed to >> to pay ministers duty is the safety and security to protect the rights and freedoms as that has been achieved by the agreement that we have struck
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and she disagreed on the policy. >> may i congratulate my right honorable friend to travel without the reality and being the first can i encourage him [inaudible] i am not seeking to defend or rationalizing any way the policy of presidential executive order i seek to explain how it may affect the uk nationals at what we have done to mitigate the effect of that order the prime
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minister told us the commitment to remember the holocaust is about more than words. it's about starting up the prejudice wherever it is found today why are they unable. i've made it absolutely clear several times now in the course of the preceding but it's my view that it is discriminatory and wrong.
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it's for the rule of law both national and international. to find out we are more likely to get one of the first [inaudible] it's more than any other because then they recognize they've been both not in diplomacy that tear
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any debate the -- tierney. >> we are at liberty to sign the petition and to express their views about this measure but it would also be a good thing because the relationship between the united states is the most important geopolitical fact of the last 100 years and we will keep the relationship going. >> thank you mr. speaker. may i strongly agree on the vital importance, but what you agree with me that whatever others may do, refugees arriving in this country will be dealt with with patience, courtesy and respect.
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in the oval office i'm reminded that it was winston churchill for the country to be able to control its own borders and immigration policies. it's how so many people in the country felt content. to clarify what was said earlier if this is going to take place, can we be reassured on the parliament i am sure the mood of the chamber will be reflected in all the discussions about going
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ahead. the head of state of the closest and most important ally and there is absolutely no reason why he shouldn't be afforded a state visit and every reason why he should. >> i don't see why we shouldn't have to hear with the president of america [inaudible] it is an absolute triumph. this is the first fruit of this relationship. >> i must say that i do agree with my right honorable friend and i do think that it was a very great success when they
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rekindled an important relationship and the parallels that were drawn extensively between ronald reagan and margaret thatcher became look forward to a new era working together. >> the british embassy has an important post on the website where it shows the list to the united kingdom. can the foreign secretary confirmed that george w. bush was president for more than two years before he made a state visit and has many previous presidents did and although they did visit this country.
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>> my immediate reaction is one of taste rather than order. mr. speaker may i say i do find it distasteful with the leader of a great democracy i think that it is inappropriate.
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as for the protocol mr. speaker winwhen the visit should take pe that is something that we have shown guidance on. >> can i offer my consideration of the being sent out and what he tell us when he intervened in washington, was it true the state department [inaudible] >> i'm grateful to my honorable friend. i'm sure the house will appreciate that we have good relations at all levels now. my right honorable friend, the secretary herself has had the conversations today with general
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kelly is a very important exemption. the foreign secretary doesn't like outrage. it was immediately and unequivocally that they may have increased the risk. >> to repeat what i've already said about 15 times for my own views on the policy which are the same as the honorable lady. i think that it's divided into he can find all sorts of other adjectives in his thesaurus by
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all means we've made the opposition clear and secured the exemption in the nationals. >> the barbaric attacks demonstrate we all face a continuing threat from the islamic fundamentalism, which we are all trying to address in different ways. we may not have adopted the same policies as the united states but shortly, this is a matter for the newly elected administration in america, its courts and its people. and our position has been enhanced by the fantastic visit by our honorable friend the prime minister. >> may i say something in defense of that great democracy which is that if you look at all of the migrants in the world that are living in the country other than the one in which they
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were born, 20% of them are in the u.s.. 45 million people in the u.s. were not born in that country and i do think that it's hostile and vital that we work with the united states in combating terror and that we deepen our relationship as we are. >> i congratulate the government for putting the united kingdom at the top [inaudible] does the secretary of state recognize a touch of the double standard where people have been told for decades they must talk to the most objectionable people
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[inaudible] to ensure they give some advice should they be applying >> the honorable point, the president trump and his administration have not been engaged in terrorist offenses on the mainland britain and with whom he and his party were also negotiating. >> giving the reservations but he has expressed and the mitigation that he has secured, but future opportunities will there be in order to maximize the influence, and can i suggest it is a rather obvious one?
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>> the presidential visit will be an occasion for having further such conversations and i will be making my u.s. counterparts to [inaudible] with constituencies in the populations that are feeling deep concern working for the strongest possible reassurance. but can you give me a specific point that will be leavin he'lla few days for america. a couple that have already been refused to ensure a smooth transition for the students that
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are going to america to study the great american democracy. >> we will do everything we can to help them make sure. as for the muslim minority in the own constituency of course they must speak up for them and content of interest. that's why we have made the point that we haven't had the need for the passport holders. >> thank you mr. speaker and honorable friends. we are aware of the speech in 1940 by winston churchill there he said if you feed the crocodile in a com coma to but d towards nationalism will not inflict itself upon the westernn world has to find the populism
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and it is clear that this executive order needs to be condemned. if my honorable friend agrees it must take a stand here and now [inaudible] i must say that i do draw the line between the elected government and the ally in the great democracy and the tyranny i think continue to use the language of the agreement and the means of horror as trivialization. >> the reason people feel strongly about this is because of the great love held for the
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united states and the secretary. but the strength also brings the ability and a present from the weak response if that [inaudible] >> i think the important point i would stress again it's for our friends in the u.s. and we've made our views about this measure which is already today my views with the members here today. the prime minister doesn't approve of the measure but the important thing to do is to talk to our friends and partners in the u.s. to reflect some of the global consternation that we
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detest but to get a positive outcome. they would be entering those countries. [inaudible] >> iem aware of at least -- the foreign secretary made no reference at all in his statements to the suspension of the refugee program and shouldn't our prime minister had
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issued the words by saying that we welcome those fleeing persecution, terror and the war regardless? >> our policy on receiving refugees has not changed. we have a good record. it's been taken back to a thousand refugees alone. and as i said earlier on, i don't think that anybody reasonably thought that the united states of america as a great recipient of migrants from around the world. if you look at the number, 45 million people in the u.s., not all in that country [inaudible] >> does my right honorable friend share my disappointment that so many members of the house has gotten so used to us not having control of our own policy [inaudible]
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to put this blunt and accurate accurately, whatever you may think of the policy there is a measure of agreement about the policy across the house it is the prerogative of the united states and the american government. >> if the special relationship is to mean anything, it isn't about the anxiety that the leadership that we must show to deliver peace, security in the world. >> we don't agree with the
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policy that we engage with the united states. >> the executive order particularly the event of the obama administration in the constituency they had their bank accounts closed and i ask the foreign secretary not to disengage that to ensure this will not lead to further. >> the honorable lady makes an excellent point and i would just remind the house the reason that these particular countries have been singled out because of the confusion because they were in fact affected by the obama
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administration. i'm sure the members of the houshouse were born in yemen. thank you for allowing us to travel to america. the position for the humanitarian purposes they are invited back because the united states may have other information. those that visited or worked to visit the united states. >> i am grateful to my honorable friend. he was born in yemen and there was anxiety about how he would be treated and i'm happy to say
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that [inaudible] he went on to win. wthey should have known this was going to happen in the transition team or should we have known about it and done so? the >> the administration and the uk government. it was enacted and since then we
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have worked hard to secure the exceptions that we have. the [inaudible] can they strengthen the representation by working closely in cooperation with the counterparts in the european union? >> we worked very closely on that matters and will continue to do so once we have left the european union. i am grateful to the secretary for the statement.
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there's the legal right to be here to apply. there's 11 countries on the list banning citizens from entering. every one of these countries regarding the policy that is invited as wrong. the house should be aware of that and the house should also reflect on the fact that all policies are by their very nature discriminatory between
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the nations. >> the secretary is right about one thing and i stand with our friends. can i get the attention back to the cause in the middle east many of those affected are those that have been striving to save lives so what contact has he had to make sure? >> there are people that had reason to travel and they should be the systems to ensure that they get through faster and that implies also to follow the people in the country and
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nationality. the secretary already touched on this point. what the u.s. is doing is without question on but should we be consistent. i'm very grateful raising the point that many members of the house have been ignorant. if they knew it then why did they keep fighting? the >> many are not passport holders and my constituency was boarding a flight.
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it doesn't start with the gas chambers [inaudible] well he come them to the case that will not be complicit to the auto bubble debate could -- on a honorable and for her repetitions being made all afternoon i have to say
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[inaudible] thank you mr. speaker and can i also ask him to make it clear on the policy that i come them that the united kingdom will always be a place that refugees are welcome and a place where they are made to feel welcome and will he join me in praising and thanking the groups like the enrichment that do great work in this field. >> i can assure my friend and will continue to be an open society.
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>> it isn't my place to advocate of policy but it is there for 90 days and it will be subject to the scrutiny. the presidents decision to issue this executive order is divisive and dangerous & shockwaves around the muslim world and the communities including here in this country. mr. speaker as a muslim, i find it very some and fearful for us to live in this country in the midst of those like canada and when political leaders failed to show courage and leadership and stand up in the face of a trade
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then we send the wrong message. can i appeal to the foreign secretary to show courage and leadership and also to take steps to provide protection for the communities that are feeling very worried about their safety across europe after the executive order? >> i agree with what she had to say and that's why we have taken the round that we have in this measure. second, she speaks of the crime and is absolutely right to do so and i don't want to see anything that stigmatizes or infringes or causes the communities to feel unwelcome. i think that is absolutely wro wrong.
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we take hate crimes very seriously and can be proud of some of the achievements we have made in the last ten, 20 years cracking down on the divisions between the communities. >> speech in philadelphia was one of the best expeditions in recent years for the importance of the alliance and i would urge all members ... to read the speech and to see the relationship worth holding onto. and in considering these issues to see the response from the congressional leaders and reach out to them across the aisle on the council and friends of the united kingdom in washington. >> there'there is a wide measurf agreement about some of those
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for the importance of promoting freedom and democracy and the will of law and human rights but there's many people on capitol hill and of course they also shared a strong desire to develop relations with a new free trade deafree-trade deal ae of the great achievements. >> i found this to mean he clearly set out that he had a policy for banning muslims. does he agree -- >> it does not amount to that in
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discriminating on the grounds of the nationality. >> thank you mr. speaker. he voiced his concern of what we were trying to do. they should be able to speak to each other but does my friend agree with me that they voted for donald trump to be president [inaudible] >> many have said to make it clear we do think it is divided and phone but as he rightly said
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they have taken this decision. they have been getting pretty replies. >> the secretary made the impact of this executive order on the british foreign-policy objectives in the middle east and other areas of the world with substantial muslim population and how would the visit from president trump assist them? >> we would work with the incoming administration to address the crisis in the middle east including those facing the concern.
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>> i congratulate the foreign secretary. as a friend can he point out to the administration that it could act inadvertently -- >> i have been candid with the house this afternoon. >> can i repeat the question why did it take the government of the united kingdom to get the same assurances that the canadians got? >> it was the deal they may or may not have secured that took
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many departments in the administration and have taken them some time to elaborate the policy that we now have. >> there is a promise made to the american people in the general. if the processing policies didn't agree then no country would ever [inaudible]
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>> i think most members of the house can see that it is our duty and the right thing to do. for our friends and partners and the leaders [inaudible] i know if that particular problem and for those involved
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in the politics or diplomacy [inaudible] in the affairs they found out the referendum last year. he got the balance of just about right.
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my constituents called me yesterday to condemn the actions of president trump. >> the prime minister has said several times that such language is unacceptable. thank you for allowing such a debate. could i ask the secretary if they have been invited to a big party saying to them quietly what would you like us to do.
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>> my honorable friend make the point we do not agree with the policy but we would effect the change and influence the white house to engage the policies as we possibly can. >> can i very tactically say if people feel that they are going to add further insight by their contribution they can continue to stand but it is not compulsory to do so. >> [inaudible] has come from one of the countries on the list
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[inaudible] the potential conflict of interest and the domestic policy. in the obama regime for the substantial piece of restricti restriction. >> i will be attending a conference [inaudible] detained at the airport for questioning. >> i certainly can. ..
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>> >> this something i am very
12:01 am
happy to receive correspondence about. lee are free to travel into the united states. >> i am sure you are familiar with the book we our of the deal and in that mr. trump says to stop a something so under the rages to create puree throughout the world then after that seems outrageous almost by comparison is reasonable so to analyze future actions what conclusions as c. drawn -- as he draws an quick. >> looking at his rhetoric
12:02 am
we would conclude his bark is worse than his bite and to have every opportunity to deal with all sorts of things such as the free-trade deal syndication or sentence. the assessment under the u.k. government of the islamophobia propagated it america. >> i peggy that i understand we all need to work carter to tackle that exclusion that can produce extremism.
12:03 am
>> how many refugees or women's organizations will receive additional funding as they are getting funding cutting? >> there is director taking refugees to fund international organizations and campaigning for victims in conflict, more than any of their country in the world but as for the point of the state, i repeat my point the queen as extended that invitation. >> coming to the conclusion the response of policy is
12:04 am
heard government is so desperate to the they're willing to become an apologist to the trumpet ministrations -- trump administration. >> anybody would understand to support that policy far from acquiescing to agree with the policy we have worked with the incoming did ministrations to modify that policy to secure important protections for u.k. nationals and dual nationals >> mr. speaker given the number of psychologists highly expect to reason with him moving forward?
12:05 am
>> air respective of the psychological traits that have not checked to see if you are in fact a psychologist but we will work with the president and golf partners to get the best outcome for our country. but just hours security and stability. >> but this order stigmatizes not just on nationality but this is a muslim and -- bang and in so why is the secretary of sate insisting that these people are not doing the very thing that they are doing quite. >> to the best of my
12:06 am
knowledge the president himself but himself from that edition. but these seven countries are indeed the very country singled out by president obama for restrictive visa regulations. >> giving uh trump illustration when the secretary of state called >> the honorable to andaman to know that it has not been confirmed but we have had other conversations with representatives of his of ministrations about his policy speech meg can you comment that the prime
12:07 am
minister was told of the refugee bin and coming prior to signing the executive order. can you confirm or deny? >> but what i can tell the house as soon as i have a full understanding on the measure that we decided to intercede. >> mr. speaker which will it
12:08 am
be? to spare our deals? [laughter] >> i totally agree. holocaust survivors have said this reminds them of the '30's is this appeasement or values and? make it is time for perspective. >> mr. speaker i was in washington last week for the assembly. while there it ministrations the congressmen and senators were suspended because our
12:09 am
values were under attack. does the secretary appreciate for those who want to fight to retain their values? >> we do talk to our friends with the organization and she is right we have many friends on capitol hill to those of the incoming trump's administration. to nail the arguments down to engage in the way the weirder doing doing. >> and many have been waiting what will we do with
12:10 am
us special relationship? >> we made the opposition clear we believe there is the proud record of refugees >> does the foreign secretary not share the concern that given this invitation to the president there may be some short-term brownie points but we lose respect and trust until recently we share the same common values. >> to turn the position on its head looking to engage
12:11 am
with the new american and administration to give it a cross the values that unite us civic the shameful lack of condemnation from the prime minister government often talks of the global influence why is it with the impact of the most vulnerable people on the planet greg. >> is strikes me her question was composed long before she came to the statement. [laughter] if then a betty is listening to what i have to say in but the u.k. government has done could not be done the way that she did.
12:12 am
>> with the foreign secretary agree that the trump presidency is tainted by this ban and uh prime minister in is tainted by complacency? >> is a very important point like talking to the i.r.a.. but what we are advocating is engagement with uh government of the most powerful nation on which the security of the world depends. >> how does the foreign secretary under steam and
12:13 am
blacks they are muslim majority and the president himself has said including syrian christians. >> i have said already bp did the i believe of measure to be divisive and discriminatory with up words of the honorable lady opposite. that is my view. or as it turns out to be counterproductive. >> mr. speaker does the foreign secretary except that this action is exactly what isis' ones because it plays into their narrative
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quick sense so what he has done is not just immoral but a threat to our national security. >> mr. secretary everybody and dusty and cisco band of the challenge of what we face. pushing people into a corner to make them feel more isolated. but with a huge coalition of muslim countries many to defeat that to extremism. >> if that any point in the conversation of the geneva convention or would not lead the chancellor could. >> get the risk of repeating myself several times already
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we have expressed our clear views of refugees from those seven named countries. >> mr. speaker my honorable friend it raised and important point did appears the prime minister that that was the case of a of ban? >> i do not comment on the confidential conversations take place between the prime minister. we have worked with our friends in the white house and state department to understand exactly how this is implemented. >> mr. speaker the state is
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presented from trump and his cronies. so does the foreign secretary knocked appreciate the way that we've react? >> i understand the feelings of many people in this country and around the world . i will just repeat my point that is our job to work with the most powerful democracy in the world whose leadership is absolutely indispensable. that is what we will do. miss the presidents before him donald trump should receive the state visit
12:17 am
semitism foreign secretary realizes it is based on the strength of the of leadership and does he recognize with the prime minister falling over the president greg. >> to the intelligence we have sought changes and improvements to protect the rights of u.k. nationals in dual nationals who may have been born on a united front. >> with tat the prime minister so long to condemn. [inaudible]
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>> i would add the prime minister during the time that those repercussions were felt were in transit to turkey and involved in another important visit to supply turkey with british-made fighter planes. >> the u.s. has spent a leader in the world leading the u.s. in the world down can the secretary confirm if the prime minister knew in the advanced and so what was said in response? and if he did did he make any preparation? >> i have answer that question already with those conversations that take
12:19 am
place. >> over 4,000 of my constituents he was not convincing people but the opportunity to visibly protest. >> i am delighted that we were waiting with bated breath. i cannot remember what it was. [laughter] but all i can say is the views of the constituents are important clearly they disapprove of the prospect i'm assembly had respectfully say to them in the interest of the country
12:20 am
that donald trump should come to the u.k.. >> mr. speaker to come before the house is afternoon but with the largest democracy the citizens that the killed the most american citizens over the last 40 years is this the decision clearly that is lacking. [inaudible] >> for the third time those countries in question are called up not by the trumpet ministrations but the obama administration with those thoroughly restrictive
12:21 am
measures from people traveling from their country >> to be in the unfortunate position to have to the naked decision but with my response to the foreign secretary's statement sanders stand i have always been afforded a courtesy in the state's but i find it very disrespectful but if that is not the case then i can step in the street to but if this to help get in order. >> the young lady the right over gentleman is in his place and the kindness but i
12:22 am
thought in her question to the foreign secretary she snapped a bit at the end so i offer a friendly salute and i apologize. >> i think we should have what he said. . >> be acting attorney-general has deep -- betrayed the department of justice by not protecting the citizens of the united states.
12:23 am
as an old bob the administration appointee week on borders in very weak on illegal immigration. it is time to get serious about protecting our country . for the time being the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia is in charge of the justice department assistant democratic leader. mr. durbin: i ask consent the quorum call be suspended. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. durbin: mr. president, this mr. durbin: mr. president, this .f >> mr. president 11th day of the trump presidency to save their tumultuous is an understatement and over the weekend was unsett t


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